SOLM8, the pioneering cricket shoe brand in the United States, is excited to celebrate the historic India vs. Pakistan cricket match held at the 34,000-seater Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. This landmark event marks the first time an international cricket match of this magnitude has taken place on U.S. soil, underscoring the growing popularity of cricket in America.
Innovating Cricket Shoe Design from the traditional boring whites to multi color, multi use, multi cultural designs that fit in with what players are looking for shorter formats like T20, IPL, Caribbean League, Legends Cricket or when playing in their academies and clubs, Cricket has evolved in the last decade and so have the shoe designs. Bhupinder Singh has been at the forefront of Cricket shoe design for more than 25 years now.
Cricket is known as a gentleman’s game. Played professionally in Commonwealth countries and enjoyed recreationally across the globe, cricket involves skill, strategy, and stamina. Like any sport, having the right cricket gear can give players a competitive edge and elevate their game. SOLM8 recognized the lack of performance men’s cricket shoes developed specifically for the modern game and founded the first cricket footwear brand designed and based in America. With a focus on innovation, quality craftsmanship, and understanding player needs, SOLM8 entered the global cricket market, aiming to equip players with high-caliber shoes that fit cricket’s distinguished reputation.
Story of SOLM8- USA's First Cricket Shoe Brand and it's Founders Bhupinder Singh (BSK) and Jasmine. BSK started his journey with worn out shoes and with his grit, passion and determinations became the leading cricket shoe designer (probably the one with maximum number of brand and designs worked for in the world).
Hollywood recently witnessed a first-time and one of a kind event at the Arth Bar & Kitchen in Culver City. Called CINEMA & SANITY, the evening was a showcase put on by actor Prashantt Guptha along with friend and fellow Bollywood actress Kashmera Shah, to create awareness about mental well-being in the field of arts & entertainment. In attendance were Hollywood producers, filmmakers, talent managers, celebrities and business professionals from various walks of life. 

After having kept Mumbai as his primary base for 15 years, the actor recently moved to the US in light of better education prospects for his children, career opportunities for his wife and having signed with a Hollywood manager post the success of his movie A NEW CHRISTMAS.