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Shop Spikes for Cricket and Golf Shoes

If you are a pro sportsperson or play just for the joy of it, you probably understand the importance of high-quality and appropriate shoes and accessories. They play a crucial role in your game by providing support and stability. Perfectly fitted shoes also help align your feet, ankles, hips, and back so that your posture is correct and poised at all times. A perfect fit gives you a solid grip on the ground. SOLM8's collection of shoes and accessories helps you maintain an ideal balance while running and jumping on different surfaces. Our range of cricket shoes for men, kids/ youth or women are designed with rubber studs and we  also have additional replacement accessories like spikes for golf or cricket cleats. 

Unleash your true potential to enjoy the game by gearing yourself with the right cleats. Shop spikes for cricket and golf shoes specifically constructed to provide cushioning and support while playing the game. The perfect spikes designed for a good grip as turf shoes are a combination that gives comfort and improved traction and safety. Shop different types of spikes on SOLM8, such as black metal TPU spikes and silver soft spikes for golf/cricket, to achieve best results..

Choosing the Right Spikes for Your Shoes

For any sport, gearing up with the right accessories is crucial to play the game with utmost commitment to have fun. Hence, you should choose sports accessories only after deliberate and diligent research. To select the right pair of shoes or the right sports accessory, you must analyze factors such as the surface on which the game is to be played (turf or cricket fields with grass), your role as a cricketer, etc.

For example, for a batsman, the ideal shoes will have rubber/metal spikes as they offer a better grip on the surface and are much safer. On the other hand, if you are a bowler, you should go with a full spike shoe with removable metal spikes. A bowler's shoes should offer enhanced grip and support while playing. 

Choose from high-quality, affordable shoe accessories available at SOLM8 to bring out your best performance while playing.


No, all cricket spikes are not the same as they differ in the materials they are made of. Also, the number of spikes featured on a certain shoe is different. Spikes are always selected based on compatibility with your need and the materials used for the shoe and the type of spikes it can install. Also, there are different batting and bowling spikes, so you should choose them based on your role in your team. SOLM8 spikes are made of natural rubber which is the right DIN (rubber hardness measure) so it is flexible to not hold you back while running between wickets or on field and sturdy to give a good grip.

Yes, spiked golf shoes are much better as they provide enhanced grip even on soggy wet grounds and lower the risk of falling and injuries. They are a game changer for players playing specifically in wetter climates. Also, spiked golf shoes should be your ideal choice if you are looking for traction and durability. SOLM8 golf cleats are specifically designed using our exclusive outsoles to be a good performing shoe for you that makes it easy on you to perform.

Cricket shoes consist of many parts, and spikes are one of them. The spikes in a cricket shoe are usually made of rubber, metal, or TPU. They strengthen the grip on the ground and perfectly support the foot. Also, it helps the player keep their balance intact on the ground. Spikes also play an essential role on different surfaces, such as artificial turf and cricket fields with grass. They do make a difference yes, when you want correct posture and a healthy enjoyable game.