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MichaelVery comfortable for playing golf

I know they are meant for cricket, but the sole looked grippy and price was attractive so I went ahead and tried. Work perfectly for Golf too. I am an amateur player just started learning so happy!

JamesGreat cricket shoes

Love, love, love these shoes. I've been playing cricket as a fitness team sport 18 years and have gone through more than a few cricket shoes. These shoes, by far, are the most comfortable yet!

HarryFit is great, Super grip

I have wide feet and normally wear a EEE size in New Balance. I was almost tempted to go one size up but instead elected to order the SOLM8 version of my size 10. And they fit wonderfully!

Jeslin JamesGreat Value and Comfort

I have used adidas and Nike cricket shoes after using couple of net sessions I feel like this are much better than the top end brands. Also the insole for these shoes are amazing and grip is unbelievable. Buy it with confidence and great value for money

MohammadSize & Fit: Perfect

The feel and fit was perfect from day one. Amazing well made comfortable and I intend to buy again.

Balram SinghGreat Cricket Shoes

Has excellent grip, extremely comfortable, is visually appealing, great for running up and down the pitch as well as running around on the field. Safe to say it's definitely one of the best pairs of cricket shoes I have ever owned.

Men's Turf Shoes

If you are a sportsperson, we know you love playing and we love making our shoes. Just like a chef needs a cushion under his feet, a player on the field needs spikes under the shoes to get a grip on the turf and bring their A-game on.

If you are a player looking for that perfect pair that fits your feet effortlessly while bringing comfort, for hours on field look no further than SOLM8. Our collection of shoes is specifically designed to help you maintain balance while running and jumping, especially over artificial turf. 

Our premium pairs are all you need M8 to go and enjoy that match or game you have been anticipating. Order you pair today! 


TPU Soft Spikes, easy replacements for outdoor sport shoes for cricket and golf. Flat firm lug design works more efficiently than thinner or bendable softer lugs providing an effortless grip between cleat and ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of turf shoes?

A player's shoes provide the necessary stability. Specially designed rubber studs on the bottom of turf shoes ensure sufficient balance and traction. Thanks to these little extensions on the bottom of the sole, you M8, will not slip or fall. These shoes help prevent ankle sprains and allow for quick stops and turns.

Do turf shoes work well on grass?

Turf shoes may also be useful on grass, but you might not want to use them on other harsh outdoor surfaces. Since they are largely made of rubber, you'll probably wear out the small rubber cleats more quickly, making them less effective when you return to playing on turf.

Can I wear running shoes on turf?

Avoid wearing baseball cleats made for dirt when you know you'll be playing on turf. Wearing running shoes for cutting sports is also not advised because they are designed to propel you forward. Cleats are recommended because the field turf seems like natural grass. However, turf or cross-trainers will also work. If you play cricket, lacrosse, softball, football, basketball or any other sport that requires quick direction changes, DON'T wear running shoes.

What is the difference between turf shoes and trainers?

Turf shoes are distinguished by their increased number of nubs, which are ergonomically spaced across the sole. Trainers often have a smoother tread and fewer nubs. Trainers provide adequate traction for artificial turf, but turf cleats help improve grip, stability and speed. However, the playing surface and the conditions will determine which option will provide you with the most advantage.